I cannot emphasize enough the role and importance of honesty and sincerity in business.

Back when the internet was new and online dating was hazardous to your health, I posted a personal ad on AOL. I had just moved to New York City, knew no one and figured “why not?”

After several scary blind dates (In 1994, normal people where hard to find on the internet, much less women) I made one last effort and wrote a personal ad that came straight from the heart. I spoke about my wants and needs, my dreams, and what I was looking for in a soul mate. It was eloquent, it was unvarnished but most of all, it was sincere. The response was AMAZING. But that story is for a different blog entirely.

Fast forward to 2010. After starting and running my own marketing and graphic design company for 4 years, I’ve come to realize is that what I’m really REALLY good at is graphic design. So if I wanted to grow my “marketing” company, I needed help. I needed a partner who complemented my skills. A professional marketing planner/strategist to match my creative executions. Someone who (Please forgive the Tom Cruise quote) “completes me.” So again, I posted an online ad for a business partner and again I spoke about my goals, my needs, my ideal business mate, all from the heart. And once again the response was amazing!

I now have a few people to collaborate with and hopefully score some new business with. There have always been contacts I’ve made whom I knew needed more than what I could provide, but with my new-found friends, I can now give them a shot!

But getting back to the point I was trying to make – Sincerity stands out; honesty encourages trust; and having the confidence to risk bearing one’s soul can be inspiring and highly attractive – to just the right people.

Though these are just two examples, I’ve found this to be true in situations through out my adult life. Marketing copy, press releases, headlines and taglines…they all have a time and place. But every once in a while, its best to just speak from the heart and let the power of authenticity strengthen your relationships and help you build new ones.