The simple fact is, there is no one magic bullet that will help increase sales and grow your business. There are several. I’ve already talked about relationships, social media, advertising, relationships, email marketing and relationships. But here’s one I haven’t talked about yet:

Stand for something and show it in your work.

It’s a new year, and right around this time, we tend to evaluate how we run our businesses and commit to certain goals that we hope will lead to better prosperity. But often times, those goals are monetary or logistical in nature. I propose, that we re-evaluate and re-affirm what our core beliefs are and apply them to what we do.

Steve Jobs really really believed in simplicity in design and function and made all his products so and guess what? So did millions of others. The folks at Ikea believe in eco-friendly and affordable home furnishings and it’s been the main ingredient of their success. Trader Joe’s stands for healthy all-natural, organic food and people will actually take the subway to do their grocery shopping there when there’s a supermarket down the street. I could go on.

We’ve all heard the notion that people actually buy with their hearts and not their minds. Maybe it means that they are trying to fill and emotional need. But maybe it also means that people want to buy from those who are like-hearted.

Who doesn’t want to be with other folks who have the same priorities as they do? Who doesn’t want to do business with others who share their core beliefs? Or better yet, why would anyone want to work with someone who you don’t agree with on a fundamental level?

So when you’re making your plan for 2013, why not include a vision for what you would like to see in the world? Why not factor in how your company is going to positively contribute to your community? Why not add a goal on how you’re going help the people you serve above and beyond your company’s service offerings? These are the things that move people, that win their loyalty and, if you’re lucky, that build strong, meaningful relationships. Oops.

Happy New Year everyone!